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The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme promotes socially acceptable dogs


Range of classes to add fun into dog ownership using your dogs natural abilities

Dog Training Classes

​The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme promotes socially acceptable dogs and creates responsible dog owners.

Dogs of all ages and all breeds are welcome, whether Kennel Club Registered or not.

There are four levels, starting with puppy foundation and progressing to Bronze Silver and Gold.

Each level is built on the previous and there is no obligation to complete all levels

Trick Training

Trick Training is incorporated in regular classes but additional specific sessions are organised on a regular basis.

Dog tricks are not much different from a person performing gymnastics, doing algebra, dancing, sinking a putt or playing the piano – all learned physical and mental skills, practiced to perfection

I try to organise sessions every two to three months depending on demand.

Introduction to Scent work

Scent work is always part of my regular classes as both dogs and handlers enjoy the activity. Dogs love to sniff and smell their way through the day.

We will help you harness this skill rather than fighting against it

Additional specific classes are held on a regular basis.

This is a very popular class as all dogs love to use their noses.

Introduction to Agility

“Introduction to Agility” sessions are offered throughout the winter months with training being held in an indoor riding arena.

Agility training is all about building a common language between dog and owner. It teaches you to use body language to communicate clearly and effectively.

Another benefit of agility is that it provides the kind of exercise that actually improves a dog’s behavior.