About Martha

Passionate Patient Persistent Pet-lover

Blue Cross

I volunteer for Blue Cross with my dog, Ghillie. We visit schools teaching children safety around dogs.

Kennel Club

I am a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor with listed status at the Kennel Club for Good Citizen training
Accredited Trainer

Happy Hounds Neilston was formed in 2013, and since then it has developed a great reputation in the Neilston area.

I am a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor with listed status at the Kennel Club for Good Citizen training

I was the Kennel Club Trainer of the Year in 2016 and am a member of the Institiute of Animal Care Education.

I continually keep abreast of current training techniques ensuring that I deliver the very best service to owners and dogs alike.

Seminars Attended

National Register of Dog Trainers and behaviourists.

Canine Obesity and Choosing your dog food, Dick Vet School.

Grumpy Dogs, Nando Brown.

Taking Care of Behaviour,

Living With Rescue Dogs, John Rogerson.

Conformation and Movement, Kennel Club.

Dog psychology, Psychology World

The truth about wolves and dogs, Toni Shelbourne.

Frustration leading to anger, Jane Hanshaw.

Dog Law, Trevor Cooper.

Turid Rugaas.

Holistic Nature of Canine Behaviour Problems, Dogs Trust.

Requirements of a Dog Show Judge, Kennel Club.

Points of the Dog, Kennel Club.

Child Safety Around Dogs, Kennel Club.

Heartstart, Emergency Life Support.

Good practice and Child protection, Sport Scotland.

Disability Awareness, Sport Scotland.

Emotional Lives of dogs, Dogs Trust

Blue Cross

Blue Cross offers a national programme of free talks teaching the importance of responsible pet ownership to children aged 3-12.

The talks are not about fundraising but are part of a programme of information, education and investment for the future of animal welfare.

I support this programme delivering talks in schools with my own dog Ghillie .

“I’m passionate about helping people who are thinking about getting a dog because there doesn’t seem to be any education out there.

“If you don’t ask the breeder the right questions you might end up with a sick pup or one with a lot of behavioural issues that ends up needing re-homed or put to sleep.”